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Vick Strizheus is the entrepreneur, speaker, founder of High Traffic Academy, Big Idea Mastermind and Internet Traffic Formula (with Empower Network) and is one of the top income earners from the entire Internet Marketing industry.

Who is Vick Strizheus?

Big Idea Mastermind, which has now become one of the biggest leading teams inside Empower Network, is a community inspired by Vick’s driving ambition to see other people inside his team succeed. The system is designed to bring people together developing a community of high-spirited entrepreneurs whose main goal is to succeed in the online marketing space.

Surprisingly Vick didn’t join the Empower Network opportunity until a year after the business launched, yet he surpassed some of the founders leaders of the business in sales and production, taking the #1 spot as the highest income earner company wide. This is a pretty impressive fact, which says a lot about the knowledge Vick has when it comes to marketing and online opportunities in general – and even more amazing, Vick is someone who had to learn how to blog for business after he joined Empower Network.

Vick’s knowledge of marketing strategies and ability to drive traffic to offers over night generated him over $700,00 (thousand) in revenue with the Empower Network system in just 28 days; The first month after joining the business. These results are not typical but 100% worth mentioning and stretching the possibility of just what happens when you help people grow their online businesses.

The Big Idea Mastermind system has been a big reason behind Vick Strizheus success. The program is a sales funnel designed to help you sponsored new team members into your empower network downline.

Big idea mastermind was carefully crafted using the principles of marketing success Vick has applied in his 8 years of online marketing experience; designed to provide value and the fundamental pillars needed to create a solid income from home.

To his students and clients Vick is known as the “Online Traffic King” because of his knowledge of online traffic and multiple advertising sources. His efforts have generated over 2,000,000 (million) targeted visitors in a few days, which is very uncommon.

One particularly important insight about marketing is that if you learn how to create profitable campaigns and also learn how to drive quality targeted traffic to those campaigns you can basically write your own check and limits to how much you can achieve online.

These are the vital skill Vick’s have mastered and what he leads his team through inside his core core products and training.

Vicks Story – Getting started Online

Internet Marketing wasn’t always easy and profitable for Vick as it is today. He started from zero. No knowledge of online marketing or money to start developing an Internet business.

Vick got married as a 20 year old and quickly realized he wasn’t going to provide what his family deserved by working a regular job, it was then when he decided to turn to the Internet for solutions. This burning desire to produce more and provide played as his ally to create the online empire he positioned himself for today.

He started his first online venture in 2005, which was a total failed. After a lot of first hand-experienced, struggle, obstacles, set back and challenges, He finally concluded what he was doing wasn’t working.

Everything changed when he realized he needed a mentor, someone who had being in his same situation and could show him the ropes to get the results and the ability to create income streams online.

vick strizheus quote

“If you want to avoid making costly mistakes and save yourself a lot of time, money and frustration – Find someone who’s already doing what you want to do – Successfully, and MODEL them!”

Ironically a major part of the success behind big idea mastermind is in it’s nature of being a training and mentoring system for those who want to attain success online.

For more on Vick Strizheus, his Empower Network team Big Idea Mastermind and how you can get involved, follow him on facebook and twitter, as well as his main site here:

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