iPAS 2 (Internet Prospect Acceleration System)

iPAS 2 Game Changer

Internet Prospect Acceleration System is the brainchild of Chris and Chris, two highly respected and successful entrepreneurs who set out to conqueror and cure the dis-ease of building an online business.

This iPAS wealth formula will be a sure-fire 6-figure shortcut to success that will bless all those who choose to use the only the best.

This groundbreaking success principle and model is a step by step hybrid that is appropriately coined the number one online business system in the world.

Tough act to follow through with, but this industry leading sales funnel is converting more leads into customers at a higher rate than I have ever saw in my 8 years of full time online business building and lifestyle design.

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ipas2 internet prospect acceleration system chris jonesHere at Blog Beast Network, to steal a phrase dear to Lebron James, we only strive for greatness and know that Greatness does not view consequence as we only want to work with the best and recommend top-tier suggestions on how to go about building a real, profitable, legitimate online business.

Here you can see us with Chris Jones at the end of our 2 day Empower Network Prosperity Team Mastermind where we collectively lifted the veil on the new iPAS success system down in Miami January 2014.

Video Review From iPAS 2 Leader

We put the Internet Prospect Acceleration System to the test and the rest was history as nothing comes close with as much zest or zing as you will soon see with a simple decision. The precision and vision of this beast mode system is unrivaled.

The name, inspired and motivated to do exactly what the system was setup to do, is to accelerate your ability to prospect new business into your funnel and system.

It was built upon three principles that every business vitally needs:

iPAS 2 review1) SYSTEM

Once this was mapped out from the top down and came to fruition, people all over the internet rejoiced with celebration as they learned that a system was built by marketers for marketers all over the world.

A system, the most crucial and critical component of any online business, literally and figuratively will help you save Time, Energy, and Money.

Without a system, most of us are pedaling in the dark or trying to swim along side Noah’s arc instead of jumping in such a massively moving boat that freely glides and guides based on the current and energy of your marketing efforts and energy.

As someone who has been marketing online and building online income streams for 8 years, I now more than ever, know how important a solid and fluid funnel can be to help duplicate and replicate results online.

With thousands upon thousands of legitimate business opportunities to choose from, I can guarantee you this – you will be FAR more successful and lucrative by choosing a Done for You system that gives you the goods to not only reap what you sow, but allow and empower your team to achieve and accomplish the same results as you.

Which leads to the next element that iPAS 2 system gives you, LEVERAGE.

This word, in this online marketing world, cannot be emphasized or repeated enough.

The truth is, we all work on a 24-hour time schedule day in and day out. Our time is limited, our resources arguably more, and our skill set likely has patches and holes that need fixing and help.

The good news is, you do not have to be superman to win online. You need leverage. You need a team that cares, respects, and values your time just as much as you do.

That’s what a point in click, plug in play system like iPAS2 can do for you is to bring you the ultimate leverage in building a fruitful business that pays dividends without you doing everything under the sun.

Unless you know how to clone yourself, I suggest aligning yourself with a system that leverages your time, energy, and money – and that’s exactly the foundation and fundamental principles iPAS 2.0 was built on.

The age-old adage “stop trading your time for dollars” is the next phase of implementation that the internet prospecting acceleration system does for you:


In being an entrepreneur, you quickly realize how easy it is to get overwhelmed, confused, frustrated in the “getting ready to get ready” phase.

Many of us are upset with the setup processes most businesses require and that is why iPAS 2 really drove home the final staple to building an online business while having a life, AUTOMATION.

All the tedious tasks and tiresome tribulations are transcended, allowing us to get in there and feel out the system without all of the preliminary problems most of us encounter when getting started.

These 3 elements make for an amazing combination and mixture of what it takes to not only create results for yourself, but for your team members…which is where you will receive and start believing in the long term residual income pitches this industry is so infamous for.

What has been great about the iPAS 2.0 system is that they kept adjusting and adapting with the times, giving technology and talent a true place of home on the internet.

They had the guts to come clean and cut out the problematic areas to give us a clear slate as to what is expected and how to maximize results using the system for ultimate leverage and automation.

The beauty is that iPAS2 digital business platform was built around the shell of Empower Network opportunity.

It gives Empower Network a different look and feel, an approach that is unparalleled and unmatched thus far in the online business and internet marketing space.

What this will empower us affiliates and members to do is attract a much larger audience, giving you a 6 figure short cut utilizing the iPAS 2 Wealth Formula.

Internet Prospect Acceleration System Benefits

• Creating success for the online marketing masses to become masters by trade

• The ability to create multiple streams of income on complete autopilot

• Private high volume traffic resources bringing more leads and life-blood for your business

• Highly training, professional business coaches and assistants upselling your leads without taking a percentage of the sale

• State of the art real time campaign tracking to avoid losing and wasting your hard earned money on something that is not working

• Daily live marketing training so you know exactly when and where what to do.

• Weekly live new member training that gets your people excited and pumped up heading in the right direction from the start.

• Customizable team resources page so your team has access to an abundance of high quality easy to follow and implement business guidelines.

• A huge community of support

• Available to anyone and everyone

This one of a kind personal contact with real human beings was the missing link for our Empower Network business. With the PBA’s we are now seeing a dramatic and radical shift in our conversion rates from leads to customers and making those customers long term business associates which will transform you into a top producer inside Empower Network.

Look, it would be silly for us to guarantee everything under the sun with the iPAS 2.0 system and the Empower Network business on how to make money online, however we know that regardless of skill level, experience, or first-hand knowledge, this is a proven stair step success model that is a winning formula for creating a promising residual income stream and hitting your internet income goals.

We will have more videos and content regarding the iPAS funnel in the coming weeks.

Remember right now iPAS 2 is 100% Free, no strings, no gimmicks, no fine print, no cost to you.

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