High Ticket Academy

Empower Network, the world’s largest public platform for publishing and distributing content from affiliate marketers, network marketers, and overall internet entrepreneurs and online business builders; has just introduced a new product to their already savvy and knowledge-privy prominent product line:

High Ticket Academy

Empower has always set out to create value-oriented and action-driven products that contain knowledge, wisdom, and truth that improve the way, means, and methods in which you go about making money online. We know passionate people are the bread and butter or wheels behind every revolution, especially in the digital age and online marketing space.

As outdated technologies become useless, competitive advantages slowly fade, and money/funding dwindles, one thing is for certain, the right people, at the right time, surrounded by the right environment will propel an organization or opportunity to the next level/phase, whether by reinventing itself or surviving the change – it will happen.

and With 5 current products:

1) Viral Blogging System
2) Inner circle Membership
3) Costa Rica Intensive
4) 15k Per Month Formula
5) Masters Course

And now 6) High Ticket Academy, Empower Network has just blazed a trail and setup a new path for entrepreneurs to make incredible amounts of money selling high ticketed items no matter how trying the times may get.

Blog Beast Network knows there is nothing more permanent than Truth and Change. However, the Truth never changes as it is always present, whether we choose to acknolwedge and interpret the world in which we live in. And change is inevitable, constant, and always happening. The key is to own, accept, and embrace change as the dynamic landscape of the online business world continues to adapt and adjust in modern times.

After recently celebrating their 2nd full year in business and profit generation, Empower Network is kicking off 2014 in a major way, introducing a $10,000 retreat (rumor) and commissionable product that will be a complete game changer for those affiliates and members who are interested in taking their businesses to the next level.

Often times when I talk, review, and discuss Empower Network, it is about the money, lifestyle, and financial results you can obtain, what is often missed in translation is the ability to establish yourself as an authority, leader, and expert in any profession or career you care to venture into. Do we want to build a better world? Absolutely!

But we know this is the inner work and guidance system we need to have in place in order to maximize our results and efficiency.

This is quite a bold statement and one filled with lofty expectations and anticipations on what kind of value is passed around here.

Having been to all the Empower Network events, purchased all the products, and used them all extensively, I can say without a shadow of a doubt, this product with the new system Empower is introducing in 2014 will be sure to pioneer the way in which new businesses go about designing and developing their blueprints.

It truly is the Empower difference; their electric events help give and gift life, hope, and promise into what many consider scammy, skeptical, and sorrow-laden experiences in this industry.
Considering myself an innovative thought leader and voicestroius communicator, I know that thinking outside of the box, stepping out of your comfort zone, and making things happen can radically and dramatically transform the way in which you build a business and maintain a lifestyle worth living.

Right now, there is not much to know about Empower Network’s High Ticket Academy .. however, there is a live hangout webinar tonight with the new CEO of Empower Network Jonathan Cronstedt and co-founders David Sharpe and David Wood.

What is worth noting and knowing here is that Empower Network always does 1 thing above all others when it comes to creating and crafting new products – and that is to – always put more money back into the members, affiliates, and distributors who faithfully use, promote, and showcase Empower Network.

I know High Ticket Academy will be no different, having been with Empower Network for over 2 years and a few months here at the start of 2014, I know any new or hyped up home based business opportunity will not have the same caliber and gusto as the core products, events, and leadership here.

Please check back as we update this page about High Ticket Academy so you can get all the details from someone on the inside!

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