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Empower Network Blogging FAQ:

What is Empower Network and Blog Beast Network? Can This Really Work For You?

Blog Beast Network is One operating as many to try and simply simplify the most simplistic of all things simple. Personal Growth and Professional Greatness. The beliefs, visions, and financial projections expressed and reverberated within these beastly walls has come as a direct result of what has been created by first hand knowledge, experience, and effort – most importantly Trusting in the process. Empower Network is the vibrant vessel and opulent opportunity that has no limits! Join us!

What are the Empower Network Products? How Much Does it Cost to get Started Today?

Empower Network began in October 2011 with 3 products in All and has now blossomed into a unique hybrid of digital-info courses, videos, and software totaling 7 leading-edge trainings with the mobile-friendly All in One viral blogging system (ENv2 aka Blog Beast) leading the charge. It’s crisp and clean, easy to setup and has great user functionality for only $25 a month. Empower’s system helps you “blog your transformation” while their online business trainings challenge intellectually and touch emotionally.

What is the Empower Network Difference? Has Their Leadership Legacy Changed the Game?

Empower Network’s secret sauce lies within many determining factors and contributing forces: Their flagship product is the blogging system, but the every 3 month event cycle is the glue and gas that makes everything stick and tick. It is the engine behind the vehicle that is transforming people’s lives in multiple ways! The focus is on simplicity, innovation and execution of personal and professional performance in the market place. Empower’s business model is designed to help you grow from development through production to aiding in maximizing your potential! Game Changing Force! Be Known! Do Truth!

Why Did We Join The Fastest Growing Online Business Team and Opportunity? The Prosperity Team!
Done For You, All In One, Plug in Play, Point and Click!

Where there is lack there is backtrack. Prosperity Team has been the pure filler no filter conflict resolution for everyone utilizing Empower Network’s opportunity. PT’s profound and practical application of necessary tools, trainings, and timely tutorials has helped thousands of members and affiliates cut down on their learning curve and setup time while enhancing overall flexibility. Our team improves the effectiveness of our concerted efforts and resources to get the most bang for your buck and luck. PT’s primary purpose is to boost your bottom line by providing the groundwork foundation for sensational success.

What Else should You know Before Making the Decision to Lock Arms with us and Join Empower Network?
This & That:

The biggest takeaway and core wisdom we can press upon you is that All central issues are dealt with between Empower Network, Prosperity Team and Us. This empowers us to be Free of self-imposed constraints and unnecessary boundaries while we direct our attention on building a real business while having an awesome lifestyle. Empower’s honesty and transparency makes for a brutally honest mirror that reveals no need to justify our shortcomings versus just going out there and making it happen! We are consistent and persistent in the pursuit of helping as many people as possible achieve and accomplish their desired results. The culture, The teamwork, The opportunity, The leadership, The leverage…All yours with a simple decision!

To change the world is not your mission. To change yourself is not your duty. To awaken to your true nature is your opportunity….and Empower Network IS THAT living embodiment of a lifetime!

* Meet Empower Network’s Beast Blogger *

empower network bloggerHello, my name is Troy Shanks and I want to personally welcome you with a digital handshake to our wavy world of blogging wholeness and awareness where we attempt to turn your attention and tune your perception into how to become a blogging beast and build a balanced business online.

To use an age-old aphorism, “out with the old in with the new”, we as a collective whole would like to show, share, and strategize a new paradigm shift on just what it takes to successfully maintain and sustain a profitable business using a blogging model such as Empower Network.

We will preach and teach the Learn, Earn, and Apply methodology and mode of thinking when it comes to revealing how to blog on the internet. It is a competitive balance between pace and space or speed of implementation and wicked niche precision of decision.

Not to go too over the top or out of pocket but the word BLOG, universal in nearly every language as is, has quietly and quickly become a world changing force allowing people from all walks of life with little to no experience or prior skill-set to transform the way in which they communicate and network with individuals all over the globe.

Our sole goal is to give you the unabridged direct recognition of the truth and knowledge it takes to become an internet entrepreneur by ways and means of blogging.

Throughout this entire site dedicated and designed to show you how to become a beast at blogging, we aim to preserve the potency and clarity of actions so you can easily apply and try back into your own blogging business ventures.

Coined a make money expert and blogging master mentor, I will see to the end without compromising its essence to give you the timeless truth and my core wisdom and takeaways after 8 amazing years of making money blogging from home on any topic under the sun.

Make sure you revisit this site as frequent and as often as possible because the content will penetrate and permeate all of your blogging needs and necessities. Reading my pages as systematically, sporadically, or spontaneously as it suits your mood in the moment will be highly beneficial to you in your pursuit of blogging perfection.

Blog Beast viral blogging system is an Empower Network online production and platform – a true testament to modern day technology and mobile-friendly adaption, having invested and tested over $3 million and 12 months into develop – I believe in the blog business model and know that Empower Network now at the forefront of an online blogging revolution.

Why Empower Network’s Blog SYSTEM?


After a $3 million dollar investment, Empower Network looks to revolutionize the blogging world with its’ second generation viral blogging system, Blog Beast. Blog Beast has been in development for a year and has numerous features not seen in any other blogging system.

Empower Network new system allows its’ users to maintain numerous blogs across a variety of domains from one account. A company spokesman said, “The goal is to make an easier, faster design than the original system and better than any other blogging platform.”

Another main feature of Blog Beast is the mobile application, which syncs both the computer and smartphone blogging systems in various ways. In the past, other platforms released mobile apps that did not utilize many features or bring the same experience users enjoy on the web.

How Does Empower Network Work?

When you start getting into the setup, maintenance and advance features, WordPress really is a difficult pain,” said President David Sharpe. “It was designed to be super user-friendly. Over time, it’s become more and more complicated. Whether you agree or you don’t, we’ve decided to make blogging easy so anyone could do it, even a grandma who’s new to the Internet. Blog Beast is everything WordPress was originally meant to be.”

Blog Beast can simplify the audio/video blogging experience by allowing its’ users to record vido or audio by using the mobile app. In only two simple clicks, anybody can post a podcast or video online from their smartphone or computer, which makes Blog Beast available to even less tech savvy users.

how to blog online

Blog Beast also makes it easier to allow users to reblog posts from other sites in the Blog Beast network. It still gives credit to the original author, while posting content on new blogs. A completely redesigned commenting feature allows readers to share blogs and their comments on numerous social media platforms, while linking back to the original blog post.

Users can also withhold premium content with a content locking feature, which restricts access to the content. Users are then given a call to action for users to upgrade their accounts in order to view the content.

“We wanted to create an atmosphere where no matter where you are and what your idea is, you can put it on your blog when inspiration strikes,” Sharpe said. “That’s one of the many ways we are changing the viral blogging industry. Imagine building and managing a business from your phone.”

Does Empower Network For Everyone?

online businessDoes one size fit all? Does one medical prescription fix all? Being one of the largest, most complete online blogging communities and publishing platforms ever assembled, the leadership training programs and online business blogging tactics emphasized and elaborately encoded in the products really helps stack the odds in our favor to go out there and get the results we are seeking. Read the about page to find out more about the vision and mission we are on together.

Safely said, you do not need to reinvent the wheel or be conditioned by the traditional complexities we are accustomed to when joining a network marketing or affiliate marketing scheme or online home business deal.

From aspiring internet entrepreneurs, to home based business owners, Empower Network is the one stop shop that will have your business feeling like it just got dropped into a volcano. Meaning, on fire, as not only can you learn how to build an online business, but you can earn without concern as this is one of the most reliable, stable, and dependable business ventures you can participate in.

empower network moneyHowever, for fair warning and keep-sake, Empower Network is not for everyone. How do we classify or distinguish who it is for..easy. When dealing with money, everyone can become slightly funny. But to those who are willing, open, and motivated to do whatever it takes to make it work, we are confident and secure that we have the right foundation and fundamentals in place to take your business and life to the next level.

Now it is up to you, the seeker of peace, truth, and wisdom to ask yourself, is this really worth my time, energy, and money. We always say, look at this as in investment back into yourself!
From its humble beginnings and rigid conception back in October 2011, Empower Network’s David Wood and David Sharpe sought to seek a simple solution on how to help anyone wanting and willing to step into the internet income age. Their goal was to help small business owners make money online without dealing with the complex challenges that most hungry entrepreneurs faced just to get setup and started. And that is why Empower Network’s signature flagship product is a viral blogging system geared to help users grow their businesses online.

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