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MelissaSantiago: The ‘Cosmic’ Blogger

hawaii cruiseBeing a Mobile blogger and passionate entrepreneur about what I do, I love being able to write my thoughts and format them into an awesome looking platform and system. We have been with Empower Network through thick and thin and love the fact they are continually updating and evolving with the times and demands of us elite bloggers. Now that KALATU (ENV3) is here, we are thrilled to help you transform your story and start seeing real success online building your business through blogging with us!

TroyShanks: The ‘Alpha’ Blogger

hawaii cruiseI love to blog. From the idea to the start to the setup and the ensuing race, challenge, thrill and timing of capitalizing on the trends – I consciously crave for the bold and brave beauty of blogging for my express and impress those who search for purpose-driven press, it is why we believe in Empower Network’s finesse as a company, our blogging essence, as this site is just a small sample size of our presence.

Top 5 Reasons To Start Blogging With Empower Network (KALATU ENV3):

  • Empower Network is now an astonishing 3 years old. In this righteous realm of internet marketing business, it is a godsend that this company is still alive and well – we are going to show you why the new ENV3 Kalatu Blogging Platform is the 100% real deal when it comes to getting your seal and stamp of approval.
  • We have the system, now its time to learn the right way on how to start blogging online fast and easy. How to source content, where to get ideas, how to get trained on the essentials of becoming an expert, professional author and blogger.
  • Blog Beast Network is a team-oriented extension of Empower Network’s Kalatu Blogging System and is here to help provide the support and extra motivation for getting your blogging dreams and desires in the right direction!
  • When you blog, you will quickly realize how important SEO is. The ability to optimize your blog posts and pages for search engines will be a huge factor in depending on how quickly you can start getting targeted traffic to your website.
  • Blogging allows you to transform your story and attract the right audience. We have been blogging for 9 years now full time online and know a thing or two and are open and willing to show you our proven gameplan and guidelines for making blogging work for you today!